Your Picture of Health

Getting the right image is the first step toward diagnosing whatever it is that’s ailing you. A second, more important step, is getting an accurate read--or interpretation--of that image. To ensure you get the most accurate read, and thereby the correct diagnosis, a radiologist who’s specially trained to read particular images can be the key in restoring your health.


It All Starts Here

The radiologist’s role is so critical that we have some of the world’s best on staff. Because they’re subspecialty trained, they have years of relevant experience under their belts, which makes them experts in their respective fields. This isn’t the norm across hospitals and clinics, many of which simply don’t have specialty radiologists on staff.

We also believe in the importance of collaboration. Our imaging centers are part of, and backed by, the brain trust of our renowned academic research center, making consultations a breeze. MRI technology itself was developed right here at Stony Brook. You can learn more about that here.


We’re in Your Neighborhood

With the opening of our brand new site in Riverhead, we now have Suffolk County fully covered.
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