Why Choose Us

Advanced Imaging is distinguished by the same hallmarks as Stony Brook Medicine's imaging program overall. 

These hallmarks include the sophistication of the technology – both the hardware (equipment) and the software, including the algorithms that are used to calibrate imaging studies, positioning and dosage of radiation.

The Stony Brook Medicine Advanced Imaging centers offer a combined PET/CT scans, a technology that Stony Brook Medicine was the first to bring to Long Island, as well as a 64-slice CT scanner for cardiac imaging.

In addition, the centers’ radiologists are renowned as both clinicians and physician-scientists, who conduct research and teach the next generation of radiologists at Suffolk County’s only academic medical center. Their years of experience have made them experts in interpreting any type of scan your doctor’s request for you.

Finally, the skill and experience of the imaging team, who administer the scans, position the equipment, and ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the process, is a superb hallmark of the program.

Our offices are a comfortable, soothing environment for patients and we offer the most advanced imaging technology in the region.